If you want to lose weight naturally through diet and exercise, you’ll need to use a few strategies to get the best results. You can incorporate a few basic tips into your daily life to help you cultivate your own strategy for losing weight. By focusing on small changes, you won’t feel overwhelmed by your new and healthy lifestyle.

Find a Workout You Enjoy

If you want to rely on exercise to help you shed some pounds, try to find an exercise routine you enjoy. Sign up for a trial membership at your local gym. You can take a few fitness classes at the gym to see if you enjoy social exercise. If you’d prefer to exercise outdoors, buy a cheap bike to ride around your neighborhood. If you try to lose weight by doing a workout you don’t enjoy, you’ll never feel motivated to exercise.

Skip the Junk Food

As you wander through the grocery store, you probably see dozens of tempting products that offer little nutritional value to your body. The next time you go to the store, skip the junk food and head to the produce. You can make endless variations of healthy snacks with fresh fruits and vegetables. Your store may even sell some of these healthy snacks in small bags that you can easily take to the office.

Eat at Home

Eating meals you make yourself at home can help you lose weight and have fun learning new recipes. By cooking your own meals, you control everything that goes into your dishes. You can even try using substitutes to reduce the calories in your favorite family recipes. If you make too much food, bring the leftovers with you to work the next day.

Drink More Water

Replacing your favorite drinks with water can help you cut down on the calories you consume each day. Some drinks, including soda pop, contain high amounts of sugar and calories. Drinking more water with each meal you eat can also help you feel less hungry between meals.

Involve Your Family

Including your family in your new lifestyle changes can help you make your changes permanent. Start by involving your family in more outdoor and physical activities. During the summer, drive up to the mountains for an enjoyable afternoon hike. In the winter, go skiing and snowboarding together. Your children will learn how they can improve their own physical health through exercise.