How to Lose Weight

Many individuals attempt to lose weight with special recipes. Attempting to lose weight is also called dieting. Losing weight is achieved by reducing calories in recipes. Dieters lose weight by consuming recipes lower in fat, carbohydrates, sodium and calories. Fat and carbohydrates are high in calories, which causes people to gain weight. High levels of sodium in the human body can cause individuals to retain fluid. Retained fluid is held inside body tissue causing an increase in a person’s weight. Many individuals will decide to eat only a few types of food in an attempt to lose weight.


The best way to lose weight is by using proper nutrition. Recipes that contain lean meats, vegetables, fruits, grains and dairy products are vital for maximum health. Choosing to consume only cabbage soup or grapefruit for several weeks is not healthy. Individuals should create recipes that have a variety of dietary minerals and vitamins. Dieters should limit eating fried foods, soft drinks, alcohol and processed foods. These items are high in calories while having little nutritional value. Reading labels on food products can assist in creating recipes that will reduce body weight. Preparing recipes at home can ensure that a dieter knows how many calories are in their meals.

Portion Control

Learning the proper portion sizes of foods is vital when attempting to lose weight. Individuals often have adjusted to eating large portions at home and in restaurants. A normal serving of meat should be the size of a playing card. A plate of food at a meal should also have fresh fruits and vegetables. A container of pasta purchased at the grocery store will list the proper portion size. Dieters can make sure the meals they prepare at home are portion controlled. At a restaurant, a dieter can ask for half their meal in a container to take home for later.

Replacement Ingredients

A dieter preparing recipes at home can use replacement ingredients. Whole milk can be replaced with skim milk in most recipes. Lean ground beef can be used to make hamburgers, tacos and other recipes. A smaller amount of an ingredient can often be used in a recipe without changing its flavor. High-calorie cheese is an ingredient that can often be reduced in a recipe. Sugar substitutes are available for use in coffee, tea and desserts. Sugar substitutes are lower in calories.