With the economy still in the doldrums, families may find that they are reduced to eating out only on special occasions. This is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, cooking at home will give them a chance to both save money and create healthy recipes for themselves and their kids. By using fresher ingredients from the local supermarket, men and women can avoid many of the preservatives that are so often found in the frozen food aisle. Even individuals who have never really cooked before can learn to make a few basic dishes with some choice cuts of meat and some spices from their pantry.

Most good dinners must be planned well beforehand. Though meat will likely make its way to the center of the plate, not all cuts are created equal. Families that are especially concerned about eating healthy because of high cholesterol will need to avoid bacon, sausage, and beef. Instead, they should focus on poultry and fish dishes. Instead of frying these meats in oil, however, they can marinade them before baking them to perfection in the oven. Recipes from reputable cookbooks will instruct individuals on how long the baking process should take.

If people are going to be cooking chicken and fish on a regular basis, they should learn how to use spices and rubs correctly. Sodium based spices should be used sparingly. Though some men and women might find it tough to give up salt, there are a number of other spices that are bursting with flavor. These can serve as good substitutes. Thyme, tarragon, and oregano are all excellent choices, though some people might want to thrown in some red pepper flakes for a little extra zest. Lemon juice and garlic will work well with fish dishes. Butter can also be added in small amounts, but some cooks may see margarine as a more viable alternative.

Families can also branch out a bit into foreign cuisines. Indian food, for example, makes use of a number of fresh ingredients that are as tasty as they are healthy. Because Indian cuisine is often heavily steeped in vegetables, dieters will also be able to naturally avoid some of the unhealthy meats that they are so used to eating. When they combine a bit of chicken with some turmeric and curry, they should be capable of providing their families with some whimsical new foods that will hit just the right spot.