Fad diets are weight loss programs that are popular, highly-esteemed and often under-investigated. They run the gamut from lemonade fasts to low-carb eating plans and will often include meal replacements and supplements. These typically require dieters to dramatically cut their calories and fat and often make it necessary to eschew entire food groups as well. Most of these tend to be unhealthy and will often only promote short-term weight loss. Following are a few points to consider when deciding whether or not fad diets are right for you.

Slowing the Metabolism

Fad diets that require you to severely deprive your body of necessary nutrients will definitely elicit a physical response. Weight loss can be rapid and very dramatic for the first several days or weeks. The body, however, does not react well to any eating plan that does not adequately nourish its many systems. It will begin to protect itself by slowing down its metabolic activity. The metabolism is what helps the body to burn fat and ultimately to lose weight. When the metabolism is robust and healthy, dieters can shed pounds on a routine basis. If you deprive your body and cause the metabolism to enter into starvation mode, however, weight loss can be next to impossible. It should also be noted that regular use of this type of fad diet can actually cause the metabolism to enter into a long-term state of disrepair that can be very difficult to correct.

Some Fad Diets Have Gotten a Bad Rep

Not all fad diets are bad. Some are actually intended to cleanse the system through a dramatic, but short-term change in the normal eating plan. For instance, a lemonade and cayenne pepper fast will produce significant weight loss in a very rapid period of time, however, the real goal is not calorie deprivation, but to give the digestive system a period of rest. This allows the body to rid itself of toxins and to return to a more optimal manner of functioning. The idea is that this will make all other weight loss efforts increasingly effective.

The low carb diet is another weight loss plan that may have received a lot of undue and negative publicity. With this plan, people eliminate white breads, potatoes and rices as well as other carbohydrates that supply only a very nominal amount of nutrients. Many people believe that these plans are intended to be based solely upon the consumption of meat, when in reality, dieters are meant to consume large quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean dairy products and lean meats. Understanding this, it is vital for people to research the short and long term benefits of individual fad diets in order to determine whether their results are worthy of pursuing.