As people age, they may find themselves deficient in certain vital nutrients. Even if they make a general attempt to eat healthier, they may still have to take some diet supplement pills each day. The most obvious way for men and women to remain healthy is to take a multivitamin with their breakfast dishes each morning. Because these pills are chock full of vitamins and minerals and are somewhat difficult for the stomach to digest, they should always be taken with food. With a full glass of water, they can be easily swallowed. Individuals should be sure that they choose the pills that are appropriate for their gender.

Calcium and iron are both supplements that can come in handy. Older women often need extra calcium to keep their bones and joints healthy. If they are suffering from osteoporosis, then their physicians will likely recommend that they take a certain number of milligrams each day. Iron, on the other hand, is needed for the production of red blood cells. People who are found to be anemic must take an iron supplement in order to improve the functioning of the circulatory system. These supplements can be found in most supermarkets and organic health food stores around the nation.

If people are intent on warding off old age with all their might, they can look for some lesser known supplements that will coax their bodies along. Fish oil capsules, in fact, have been shown in certain medical studies to be good for arthritic pain. When people make a dedicated effort to take a range of supplements each day, they should experience good health through the years ahead. When combined with regular physical exercise and routine clinical examinations, certain health conditions that are closely associated with sedentary lifestyles can be avoided. Pregnant women, it should be noted, should ask their doctors before they try new supplements.

During the winter, when various flu viruses make the rounds, people who are prone to getting sick might wish to take some vitamin C tablets. Vitamin C is essential to the proper functioning of the immune system. Men and women who do not eat a lot of citrus fruits may wish to stock up on the vitamin through supplements. Because taking large amounts of vitamin C cannot hurt the body, people may wish to take several tablets at a time. The goal is to avoid becoming sick during flu season.