Being a diabetic can certainly put limits on the types of foods you can eat, but with some good quality diabetic recipes, you can still enjoy plenty of great foods. To verify the foods you can and cannot eat, you and your doctor or dietitian should design some meal plans that include the foods you can enjoy. This meal plan is your guide to tell you what you can eat and how much of it you can eat at each meal or snack time. Some recipes for diabetics are easy and quick to make, but some are complex and take more time.

Most diabetics feel that because desserts have a high content of sugar, they have to give them up. However, there are plenty of good diabetic desserts recipes designed for diabetics that are safe for eating. There are diabetic recipes for safe breads, appetizers, sandwiches, salads and other foods you want to eat. If you are a diabetic and do not want to give up some of your favorite foods, try looking up a safe recipe such as a diabetic cookie or cake recipe.

For people watching their weight and living with diabetics, there are simple things you can do to change your normal recipes to make them much healthier and safe. If you do have diabetes or suspect you do, foods that are high on the glycemic index need removing from your recipes.

Some diabetic recipes incorporate tiny amounts of refined sugar, and some are totally sugar free. For some diabetics, recipes containing refined sugar are not suitable. This is something each person should check with their dietitian or physician about. Some diabetic recipes incorporate high fiber. Diabetics can have their blood glucose level blunted by carbohydrates in fiber sources and should talk to their physician about this. Oftentimes, they may adjust the insulin levels to carbohydrate ratios if a lot of the intake of carbohydrates is fiber.

Foods such as corn, potatoes, noodles, cakes, pastries and pastas should be left out of diabetic recipes. Certain fats should be left out of diabetic recipes as well as hydrogenated oils or trans fats that are directly connected with the onset of diabetes. Butter, cheese and dairy products should be low-fat, non-fat or reduced fat when included in diabetic recipes.

Diabetic recipes should include foods low on the glycemic index list such as fish, vegetables, dairy products and low-fat meats. Fish is a particularly healthy food for diabetics due to the DHA fatty acid content. Sardines and wild caught salmon are great for diabetics.

Beans and legumes are great foods to include in diabetic recipes. Adding some veggies to these makes a great vegetarian chili recipe. Adding tofu for protein and low-fat cheese makes it even tastier. Other vegetables to include in diabetic recipes include spinach, chard, cucumber, kale, lettuce and celery. Salads are healthy, but be sure to use olive oil in dressings as well as vinegar and lemon.