Individuals who are having a hard time getting rid of their pimples may want to begin following a diet that is dedicated to providing them with clear skin. Though the benefits of eating certain foods in an effort to eliminate acne are only covertly recognized, there are a few tips and guidelines that people can follow to get themselves off on the right foot. Namely, fatty foods will have to be eliminated as much as possible. French fries and cheeseburgers, though still tolerable when eaten once in awhile, should be removed from the diet. Other fatty foods, such as fried chicken, should be eaten only in small amounts.

Beyond the foods that will need to be eliminated from the diet, however, men and women may well want to concentrate on the products that they will need to eat more of. Because the redness visible in the center of most pimples represents a minor bacterial infection, sufferers will likely want to eat fruits and vegetables whenever they have a chance. The vitamins that are found in such fresh produce are great for the skin, and they might even be useful in ushering these infections out of existence. Citrus fruits, with their loads of vitamin C, can be especially effective.

Though not as pleasantly sweet as their fruit cousins, vegetables should not be ignored. Many of the leafy green vegetables, such as spinach, lettuce, and kale, are full of all kinds of nutritious compounds. In fact, vegetarians often boast about the radiance of their skin after they have given up meat for good. Kale contains various antioxidants that can reduce free radicals within the blood and the body. Because these free radicals are subtly associated with acne breakouts, most dermatologists agree that a diet rich in vegetables can certainly be helpful. Men and women should feel free to mix up their vegetable choices in order to achieve some degree of variety.

Because there are also signs that soda and other products that contain a lot of sugar can cause acne, people should switch to water or juice. In fact, drinking about eight cups of water each day will keep the skin pristine while also flushing away the offending toxins. Avoiding caffeine will also help people manage their stress better. When stress is kept to a minimum, acne sufferers will notice an improvement in their skin tone, possibly within just a few days.